Party Panda Pirates

Created by Detestable Games

A family game inspired by Mario Party from the creators of Dodos Riding Dinos | Miniatures | Meeples | Coins | Dexterity | Memory | Fun

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Proofreading (English & Spanish)
about 1 month ago – Wed, Mar 13, 2024 at 04:09:19 PM

Ahoy Panda Crewmates!

This is a very quick update to inform that Spanish rulebooks are now available too for proofreading. English rulebooks were shared a while ago.

You can check them out and leave comments here:

Spanish files

English files

Your help in proofreading the rules is truly helpful! After publishing dozens of games and RPG books, we have found that the more eyes, the better. It also gives you, our dear backers, a special early access to learn more about the game!

Components samples

We just received some pictures of the dice from Panda GM, our manufacturing partner. 

We didn't want these to be plain-colored with white or black pips so we are giving a special treatment and colors to them! 

Special extra gift!!

We just can't hold back when it comes to delivering an outstanding game for our amazing supporters... so here's another free upgrade added to the game:

A sand timer!

Some minigames are played in real-time, and while most phones have a timer these days, it is always pleasing to have analog components. And in this case, we are giving a Panda-look to this 30-second sand timer with black and white colors.

Thanks again for all your support! 

Remember that if you have any issues with the pledge manager, just send an email to [email protected] with the subject "PPP Backer support" and we will get back to you. As a friendly reminder, it is important for you to finalize your survey (click the green button). You can find more important info in the previous update.


The bug on the pledge manager was defeated!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Mar 08, 2024 at 11:00:34 AM

Hello Panda crewmates!

After the previous update, many of you reported missing items on your surveys. Some changes were made by Backerkit staff which caused the surveys to move back from "Finalized" status to "Action required"

In the last few days, we worked with Backerkit to get the issues sorted. This update covers a summary of changes and important info, but most issues should have been fixed at this stage.

You won't get charged twice! The issue did NOT create duplicates. But you still need to finalize your survey again and review your add-ons.

Some of you already completed this step within the past 8 days. If that's your case, no action is required. It is NOT necessary for you to review your survey a third time.

System bug on loyalty rewards

There was a software bug affecting the injection of loyalty rewards to backers. We have done loyalty rewards in the past so it was strange for us when this happened. 

We can manually add loyalty rewards on single surveys but doing it at once as a batch is a staff-only feature. The nice folks at Backerkit reported that the tool was timing out and not all add-ons were injected, this was not human error, but a system error. 

This was fixed some days ago and you should be able to see the Loyalty rewards but if you don't, let us know and we will manually inject the loyalty reward.

Keep in mind:

  • You must be using the same email as the one you used to back a previous Creature Kingdoms or Detestable Games project. If it is not the same, send us an email with proof of owning both emails. 
  • At the beginning of your survey, you should see an item in your cart named *Loyalty reward. After completing the add-on section, you will be prompted to choose the language of your loyalty rewards or remove it from your cart (in case you are not interested in it and/or you don't want to pay additional shipping).
  • Loyalty rewards are limited to 1 per backer, so you won't find multiple loyalty rewards if you are an organizer of group pledges or retailer.

Manual mistake on early bird

Some of you reported having the free expansion twice, we checked with Backerkit and they confirmed to have removed the duplicated item from surveys. 

This was a human mistake while trying to fix the loyalty rewards during the past week. The Tidal Tiles expansion (named Raft expansion in the Kickstarter campaign) is already included with EVERY copy of the game. Whether you have it as part of your pledge level or as an add-on, regardless of being the Deluxe or the Standard edition of the base game.

Both issues have been fixed! Here's what you should see:

The 2 loyalty rewards are added under ONE item in your pledge called "Loyalty Reward: Avian Trilogy Party cards and Promo Cards from 2023" and should be under the Add-ons section on your cart. 

The language selection of your loyalty rewards will appear on the next screen, after finalizing your add-ons selection and just before entering your shipping information. 

After entering your shipping address (make sure to include your phone number for shipping purposes!), you will see confirmation like this:

And in case you are curious, this is how it looks on our end:

Once again...your surveys weren't reset or duplicated

We were told by Backerkit that when they changed some loyalty rewards and early birds, the surveys were moved to "not finalized" because of this injection. Any of your pledge questions and add-ons are saved, you just need to review your selection in case you added an add-on of the loyalty rewards already included. 

You do not need to fill your survey again, but must finalize it by adding your payment information. 

Since payment info is sensitive information, Backerkit does not save it when surveys suffer changes like this (for your security!) and that's why you need to fill this again and complete your order. You will NOT be charged twice. All finalized surveys will be charged on April 3rd and expedite shipping will happen within April. 

Please rest assured that you can edit your surveys as many times as needed until they are locked down, and you will only be charged once after your survey is locked. There is no risk of being charged multiple times for confirming your survey multiple times.

If you are not ready to finalize your survey and be charged on April 3rd, that's perfectly fine, just remember to finalize it once we are close to fulfillment, otherwise, your rewards might not arrive in the first shipping wave.

Still have issues? We are here to help!

It is possible that some other error took place, but the vast majority have been fixed! (We checked a lot of them!) 

If you still can't see the early bird reward (Tidal tiles expansion) or the loyalty reward (Promo cards and Avian Party Cards), please send an email to [email protected] with the subject "PPP Backer support" and we can fix it. 

Note that if you are a returning backer, double check that the email matches with the ones used in any of these campaigns: 
- Dodos Riding Dinos - Dodo Dash 
- Kiwi Chow Down 
- War for Chicken Island
- Dodos Riding Dinos 
- Cosmic Cow Collectors, Patzcuaro and Neuroriders - The Detestable Collection 

* If you are not a backer from those, you will not see the loyalty reward in your survey. 

Pledge question to add all other extras

If you pledged for a copy of the game and you are not in the Deluxe plus tier (with all the add-ons), you will see a question near the start of your survey about adding the extras. This is for your convenience to easily pick the extras for Party Panda Pirates.

Note that if you select that you are a returning backer but you aren't, then you are not really getting all the add-ons, because one of the expansions is included as a loyalty reward for returning backers and not added as part of this response. 


Thank you for bearing with us through this bug and for your support! We will be posting another update as soon as we receive the pre-production copies. We are moving fast with the factory and the Spanish rules are almost ready for proofreading. 


Clearing up the confusion regarding loyalty rewards and expedite shipping!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Feb 27, 2024 at 12:27:46 PM

Hello crewmates! 

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us via comments and for helping us make the experience as smooth as possible. We ran into some turbulent waters with some issues that we already fixed and we want to inform you about them.

But first, let us say that enough funds have been raised on add-ons in the pledge manager! That means a new Party card has been unlocked bringing the total to 24 that are included in the base game! Plus 5 in the Tidal Tiles expansion and 9 in the Avian Trilogy Party cards. Thanks so much for your extra support! 

Loyalty rewards for returning backers and FREE expansion for live backers  

We have received many reports regarding the loyalty rewards disappearing from your pledges. We reported it to Backerkit support team because they are the ones who can add them automatically without being manually added by us to each of you. We were told it was fixed but that the change affected everyone, so EVERY RETURNING BACKER please check to your survey and verify that the items are there and in the correct language. 

The two loyalty rewards for returning backers are these two

  • Avian Trilogy PARTY Cards, that include 9 new minigames that are playable with the components from Dodos Riding Dinos (or Dodo Dash), War for Chicken Island, and Kiwi Chow Down.
  • Promo cards 2023 (they were available at conventions last year), including 3 Season cards from Kiwi Chow Down, 2 Idol cards for Dodo Dash and 2 Unit/Leader cards for War for Chicken Island.
FREE for returning backers 

Regarding the FREE expansion from the campaign, it was renamed as Tidal Tiles and in the pledge manager. This expansion is included for free to all backers instead of an early bird for a few days. This is our way to thank everyone who backed the campaign while it was live. 

This is the same as the free mini raft expansion announced in the campaign. The final name is Tidal Tiles.

You do not need to add any of these three if you are returning backer and backed the campaign on Kickstarter at any tier. The Crossover cards with alternate art from the Detestable collection are an add-on to every backer and in preorders too. They were available as a loyalty reward during the Backerkit crowdfunding campaign for Cosmic Cow Collectors, Pátzcuaro, and Neuroriders and we are making them available here as an add-on.  

Alternate art for racers with different abilities to play in Dodos Riding Dinos and Dodo dash. NO miniatures included. 

Thanks for bearing with us while we fix this issue with Backerkit and allowing us to clear up the confusion.  

Expedite Shipping 

There's also some confusion with the expedite shipping add-on. We plan to charge cards on April 3rd and so that your rewards for the titles already available can arrive in April to you! 

The games that can be delivered with Expedite shipping are 🦤🦖 Dodos Riding Dinos and the sequel Dodo Dash, 🐓🛠 War for Chicken Island, 🥝 Kiwi Chow Down, 💀🕯Pátzcuaro, 🧠👾 Neuroriders, 👽🐄 Cosmic Cow Collectors, and ⚔️🐥 Regroup! Chicken Army. 

For local pickup in Mexico: Favor de agregar el add-on y se debe actualizar a costo cero, nosotros los contactaremos para avisar cuándo y dónde podrán pasar por sus recompensas en CDMX, Guadalajara y Puebla.

We hope this clarifies a bit the confusion, if not, let us know in the comments and we will gladly help you! 


As for the games, we are happy to share that we are awaiting the preproduction copy. Our manufacturing partner Panda GM is coming back from the Chinese New Year holiday and we will update the files one last time before moving into mass production. 

The hat already feels and look SOOO cool and we are awaiting for a revised sample to make the crab look more similar to the art. Don't forget you can include this add-on in Backerkit or upgrade to the Deluxe plus tier to get the cloth bag and the plushie too!

We are happy to report that proofreading for the rules have moved smoothly. If you want to check the English rules, go to this link and feel free to leave a comment if you spot anything unclear, a typo, or similar! Spanish rules will be ready on that same folder next week for proofreading too!

All art for minigames have been completed. Including the ones in the expansions!

That's all for today! Oh and if you were interested in backing Sea Dragons too, there are only 2 days left to back the campaign.


Smoke test for pledge manager sent!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Feb 20, 2024 at 05:33:49 AM

Ahoy mates! 

Sorry for the long wait, we were lost in wild uncharted waters but we are back! We had quite of a rollecoaster here with our baby Panda and her surgery, thankfully was a success but the recovery was quite a challenge. Definitely was set to hard mode. But, all that was left behind and we are back! 

What has happened during this time? We received some samples from the components, the metal coins, the wooden meeples, the plastic minis, the eyepatches, and the plushie! 

Some of the minigames designers in Guadalajara were able to try the game with some of the samples and they agree that it feels more epic to play with the hat (add-on) and other deluxified components!

We also have finished layout of the rules (ENGLISH)!! If you would like beta access to check them out and help us proofreading so that the final game to be as polished and clear as possible, please post in the comments of this project update "I would like beta access to the rules!" 


Pledge manager coming! 

The time has come and the pledge manager is here! We are sending the smoke test today, and with it, a random 5% of backers will receive their surveys. Please let us know if you see something odd that we need to change!

24 hours after the smoke test is sent, the rest of the backers will receive their surveys and you will be able to add, upgrade, change tiers, add your shipping information and choose your preferred language - English or Spanish. 

We know many of you have backed several Kickstarter projects and are quite related with Backerkit, if this is your case, please scroll down to surprises, if this is your first campaign please see the following images to see what to expect: 

First, you will receive an email that your survey is ready and when clicked, you will be taken to this page. Here you can choose to change your pledge level if wanted. 

Before moving to the addons and pledge, some questions (depending on your tier pledge) will be asked. Please answer them and click "Next". 

On the add-ons section you can add any extras either extra copies of your game, the eyepatches and hat, plushies, etc. Please ignore the shipping cost here, it will be updated once you add your ahipping information in the next window. 

For the first time! We are offering "Expedite shipping", you can add it as an add-on an receive the games we already have in stock! It is 10USD and we subsidize the rest! 

Also in the add-ons,  we included the cloth bag as an optional add-on and will include it for FREE in the deluxe plus tier (the one that includes the captain hat and eyepatches to become a true pirate). 

After adding your addons and confirming your order, you will be asked to add your shipping address. 

Local Pickup - Español - Para México: 
Si eres de México y quieres recoger tu pedido en alguna tienda u oficina. Lo primero que hay que hacer es agregar tu nombre, la tienda donde quieres recogerlo, ciudad y estado y en país por favor poner Local Pickup, NO México. 
De igual manera, si conoces a alguno de los diseñadores del juego y quieres recoger tu copia con ellos, sólo debes incluir su nombre entre parentesis despues del tuyo y seleccionalr Local pickup.

Importante para local pickup en México: Existe una tarifa de 5 dolares por gastos de importación.  

After confirming your shipping address, shipping will be adjusted and you will be asked to add your payment information. 

And that's it! You need to see the window above so your pledge is confirmed in our records. 


Just to remember what we have mentioned! 

The cloth bag was added as an optional add-on and included for FREE in the deluxe plus tier (the one that includes the captain hat and eyepatches to become a true pirate)

Remember that if funds raised on the pledge manager for add-ons or upgrades (not shipping or VAT) exceeds $30,000 we will also add a new Party card to the game!! Bringing the total to 24 minigames!
Consider upgrading your pledge to the Deluxe plus tier or getting some of the add-ons that you like the most!

Expedite shipping is offered for the first time, if you want to receive the games we already have in stock sooner, please add it to your order. It costs 10USD and we will subsidize the rest. 

New Kickstarter campaign!

Detestable Games and Draco Studios joined forces and Dracostable was born! We are debuting this new alliance with a localization campaign for the game Sea Dragons! 


Join the Jellop newsletter! 

This project was promoted by Jellop to help us reach more backers. Including being featured on their First Backer Newsletter where they share about new Kickstarter projects. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, you can join their newsletter by clicking in the image below.

That's it! See you in the next update!

End of campaign
4 months ago – Sat, Dec 23, 2023 at 02:46:54 PM

Ahoy there, Panda crewmates!

Our beloved turtle ship has made landfall after a glorious journey on the open waters of Kickstarter!

THANK YOU!! 3650 backers in the Panda crew! What a beautiful number. 

It has been an exciting campaign and we are ready to take start the next stage of this project. Wrapping development and start prepress with our chosen manufacturing partner: Panda GM!

In fact, we have started working with them already and we are making fast progress with the miniatures in an attempt to deliver ahead of time. 

Miniature PU Sample

We are working to finalize the minigames art, writing, editing and graphic layout and might be able to start file verification with the factory to kick off the new year!

In the previous update we promised a surprise... how about 3 surprises?!

During the last day of the campaign, we saw incredible teamwork to achieve all the community goals and unlock all 3 bonus Party cards!

You were also very close to unlock the $180,000 stretch goal for a new mini game... so as an extra token of our gratitude you can consider it unlocked!! 

That brings the total Party cards count to 23.... but we want to make it an even 24 ... and we also want so badly to give you the cloth bag to store your metal coins as a true pirate.

  • So we will include the cloth bag as an optional add-on in the pledge manager and will include it for FREE in the deluxe plus tier (the one that includes the captain hat and eyepatches to become a true pirate). 
  • And we will add a final Stretch Goal to include a Party card (for a total of 24 minigames) if funds raised on the pledge manager for add-ons or upgrades (not shipping or VAT) exceeds $30,000.

Next year that you receive your survey in the pledge manager, consider upgrading your tier to the 'Deluxe plus' or including some add-ons to unlock the final Party Stretch Goal! We are sure you can do it!

What's next? / What's a pledge manager?

For those who are not familiar with Kickstarter, here's what you should do or expect in the next weeks:

  •  Kickstarter will process payments this week and will deposit funds to our account in 2 weeks. Backers with errored pledges must fix their payment (more about that below) within the next 7 days after the campaign ends.
  • We will finish setting up our chosen Pledge Manager (Backerkit) to send your surveys in around 8 weeks. Here, you will be able to add extra items such as the cloth bag or upgrade to a higher tier   with the same pricing that was offered on Kickstarter. But most importantly to let us know where to send your rewards when production is ready by the end of next year (possibly sooner) As well as pay for shipping fees and VAT (where applicable). 

In case you know someone who missed the campaign, we will accept late pledges until fulfillment starts. Our backers always get the best deals, so late pledges don't have access to the bundle pricing in the Kickstarter tiers, but can still get any items separately. (Note that this is different from upgrading your pledge if you are in the $1 tieror another tier, which gets you access to upgrade your pledge to the bundled pricing).

You can share this link to your friends if they ask:

Errored pledges

If you had issues from Kickstarter charging your credit or debit card, (you can tell if you received an e-mail about it) follow this steps:

  • On a web browser (not in the app) go to and log into your account.
  • You will see a red banner at the top of the website saying you have an errored pledge. Click on "Fix Payment" 
  • Enter card details and proceed.

Most of the times, especially for foreign countries, you need to try a couple times until it works (A backer reported that it worked on the 5th attempt). Other cards require a digital PIN.

If the issue persists after multiple attempts, identify if there's another problem: 

  • 1. Your card has insufficient funds: Transfer funds to it. 
  • 2. Another Kickstarter project you backed ended on the same day: Your bank blocked the card for security by thinking it was a duplicated charge. 
  • 3. Your card is incompatible with Kickstarter US charge hub: Try using a different card (yours or from a friend)

Backers with errored pledges have 7 days to fix it and Kickstarter will automatically retry at the end of the 7-day window. If you are not able to fix it within that time, your pledge will be automatically marked as dropped. Don't worry, you will still have 2 opportunities to fix it in th pledge manager:

  • The first will be when we send the surveys (in about 8 weeks). 
  • The next will be some months after the surveys are sent, once we enable PayPal.

We are here to provide support. Rest assured that your pledge info is still on record and you will have some opportunities to fix payment in the future. However, it is better to fix the payment in Kickstarter so that you still receive the project updates directly.

Help us name the minigames!

The party keeps going! You can check the new survey to help us vote or suggest names for the minigames!

The new survey (third one) is here!

In case you missed the previous two (perhaps because you joined at the end of the campaign) here are the first and second.

Happy Holidays!

On behalf of everyone at Draco Studios and Detestable Games, we want to thank you for your amazing support and wish you all the best for this holiday season. 

May your holiday be filled with treasures of joy and merriment, as bountiful as the loot in a pirate's chest! But most importantly, we hope you gather with your family and friends and create fond memories with your crew.

Happy Holidays!!